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Gentleman London

Εμπνευσμένο από τους κλασικούς Gentlemen του Λονδίνου της Βικτοριανής εποχής μέχρι και την εξέλιξή τους στον 21ο αιώνα, αλλά και από τις εικόνες, τα σχέδια και τα αρώματα που χάραξαν τη μνήμη τους από τη πορία τους μέχρι το Ναό της αγάπης στην Ινδία, το Brand αυτό είναι αποκλειστικά για τους απόλυτους Κυρίους που γνωρίζουν πως να ζουν τη καθημερινότητά τους! 

A walk with a Gentleman in London

There are many iconic London neighborhoods! Early in the morning our gentleman departed Hyde Park and it is no coincidence that for this walk in London, he naturally took the direction of Mayfair the heart of elegant London.

What is striking when arriving at Mayfair are the impressive buildings often occupied by private clubs, banks, major luxury brands and grand hotels including Claridge, Browns, but it is the Connaught he recommends you, chic, selective, its faithful choose it for its discretion and its casual elegance. An address for connoisseurs.

Being a Gentleman is a way of living

He continues his walk to New Bond Street, not in the international luxury brands, but by taking several breaks among the famous auction houses, stopping at number 34-35 at Sotheby's to admire the oldest sculpture in full London air "an Egyptian sculpture of about 1,600 years before Christ". He continues his walk to number 101 at the house Bonhams, and do not hesitate to enter to discover the exposure of the moment, because behind a modest facade historic hides a building with ultra modern architecture .

But it is especially at Savile Row, that our gentleman invites you to stroll, to discover world-renowned artisans as references of refinement and perfection in terms of masculine elegance.