Learn about the oils


The oils we distribute are all organic, 100% pure and natural, as collected from the first cold pressing process. No solvents or chemical additives.

Their use is indicated for facial massage, body, hair, nail and eye serum. In addition, oil from seeds prickly pears are the only one, even if it comes in contact with the eyes, it causes absolutely no irritation or stings.

The oils are sourced from small women cooperatives that collect the fruits and separate the seeds.

The common goals of our company and the partnership are:

· High quality of products

· The protection of environment and forests

· The struggle against poverty through job creation

• The elevation of the social status of women through the recognition and evaluation of their work

• The preference for natural substances, derived from the exploitation of forest areas of West Africa, while always friendly, social ethics and consumer.


To help you better option depending on your individual needs, we propose a summary table of the uses of each oil.



ARGAN vitaminE – all skin types -
elasticity – chaps-wrinkles-hair-nails


Tightens – Anaplastic – Antioxidant properties

BEAUTY ELIXIR (argan-nigelle-prickly rose-Damas) all skin types – mature skin – oily skin – bags, dark circles – Tightens – freckles

BAOBAB Ų6, Ų9-mixed skin types -
elasticity-chaps – burns – curly hair – freckles

Emollient properties – Anti-inflammatory – soothing (negates the burning sensation-

Sun-razor) -


SEEDS prickly vitamineE – Sterols – mature skin-region
around the eyes

Tightens and creates a distinct sense


The best anti-wrinkle and anti-aging of nature

All the selected oils act constructively against premature aging of tissues, each course with its own targeted action. All that constitute the aesthetic is not persist in the continued use of a particular oil only, but instead to use the oil alternately so as not used to the skin.
All oils can be used as a day cream or night, or serum under your night cream. Can be applied in the bust / chest and the rest of the body to be used as a mask, hair or nails.

Chose for you precious oils and very high quality, hoping that cover each of the specific needs of each of you, and we thank you for your preference