Gift Box 3 Fragrance Soaps


Our donkey milk is produced by our home-bred stock in the heart of a nature reserve. We manufacture our soaps from pure milk combined with carefully selected natural vegetal ingredients to offer a top-quality product for your daily skincare.
These perfumed soaps bring you the well-known benefits of donkey milk, with your favorite fragrance.

10 perfumes are available: Lavender, Honey, Lime-blossom, Rose, Marshmallow, Peony, Nasturtium, Blackberry, Citrus fruit and Violet.

Our soaps contain 28% donkey milk.
Our soaps contain a minimum of 98% natural ingredients.
Without paraben, without phenoxyethanol.

The Gift Box contains 3 different fragrance soaps of 100g each (300g total).

Code Price
20.85 €