Lavender & Espresso Body Wash 250ml


Create a perfectly harmonious bath and shower time regime with the moisturizing and rich lather in our aromatic gel. Its delicate cleansers nurture and purify as you find your inner calm. Serenely pure and velvety dark essences of Black Lavender, Coffee and smoked woods capture the restful moment, leaving skin subtly scented and you utterly relaxed. Pair it with Lavender & Espresso Body Lotion or Lavender & Espresso Body Cream as part of a pre-bedtime pampering ritual.
Dermatologist tested
Usage Tip: For soft, well-rested skin, work in gently with water as part of your cleansing routine.

Fragrance: A restful blend of pure and dark essences of Black Lavender, Coffee and Smoked Woods.

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