Burgundy Zeline Lamp


Height: 14.5cm – Volume: 316ml.
Succumb to the tie-dye trend with this new Lampe Berger diffuser. Designed by David Boulangé, the Zéline Lamp will add a natural and ultra-contemporary touch to your decoration. Burgundy and brown glass diffuser.

Product benefit

A pretty catalytic diffuser which gets rid of bad smells and is a decorative item at the same time.

Expert tip

Modulate the intensity of your Home Fragrance by diluting it with Essential Neutral. Lamp sold in a boxed set with accessories: wick-burner, tin tulip mounting, snuffer and funnel.

Material Vetro
Capacity 316ml
Height 14,5cm
Top Tulip mounting in shiny tin
Color bordeau
SKU 004607

Code Price
55.00 €