Prestige Wooden Wick Candle Coton Flower 280g


With its crackling wooden wick and its refined gift box, this 100% natural candle is enriched with beeswax in a sustainable development approach. It will perfume intensely and wrap your interior with its soft and musky notes for a comforting and elegant atmosphere. Ideal for cocooning cravings, its crackling wood lock recalls the evenings by the fire.

The perfume Fleur de Coton
All the softness of cotton unveiled by a fragrance with musky notes, full of tenderness for a cocooning.

The nose tells the perfume:
If tenderness had a Perfume …!

Burn time: Approximately 50h
Room: Room, bathroom, living room, study
Season: All year round
Family: Les Doux
Atmosphere: Comforting and Elegant

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51.00 €