Hair Care 51% Monoï – Glass 100ml


HAIR CARE 51% 100 ML

The Ginger Shampoo reveals for a long time the natural beauty of the hair of the Tahitian women.
Delicately perfumed in the tiare flower, its scent evokes the exotic smell of the Perfumed oil. Next, The Macadamia oil , is native of Australia, and is recognized for its nourishing, softening, soothing properties. Natural UV filter, It protects your hair and your skin of the solar attacks. Finally, the castor oil, which holds its origins of tropical Africa is the miraculous oil which favorites the shoot of your hair, looks after the itches and after the drought of the scalp. This Hair Care is inevitably an asset for the health of your hair.
Specially formulated to repair and protect damaged or dry hair, this hair care gives softness and shine to your hair thanks to the nourishing and moisturizing properties of Macadamia oil. It gives to your hair all its splendor and natural beauty, and protects it from external aggressions: wind, sea, pool.

The assets:

- Practical use spray for an easier and uniform application.
- No paraben or other preservatives. No allergen.

To be noted

Can be used in summer or winter.
Applied daily without rinsing or massage before shampoo, this treatment soothes and strengthens the scalp, and reduces the appearance of dry dandruff.
In summer, this treatment is great for protecting the hair fiber making a sunscreen during aggressive sun exposures and bathes at the beach or pool.


- Monoï de Tahiti
- Macadamia oil
- Tiare fragrance

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