Scented Bouquet Boule de nacre Orange Blossom


Volume: 200ml. Description: A lovely sphere-shaped bottle in pearlised iridescent white glass, topped with a bouquet of 8 white twigs. A highly feminine holographic effect, with iridescent pink reflections. An unusual decorative object available as a boxed set with the 200ml Orange Blossom scent, a luminous ad sensual home fragrance for daring women. Diffusion time: approximately 8 weeks. Find out more: Product benefit: Refillable with the 200ml refill for scented bouquet. Expert tip: Adjust the perfuming intensity with the number of twigs. The more twigs you place in the vase, the more intense the fragrance will be.

Material Glass
Capacity 280ml
Height 21cm
Top N/A
Color white
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42.90 €