Coral Lamp Plissée


Height: 12.5cm – Volume: 295ml.

Inspired by the design and colours of summer garden paper lanterns, the Plissée lamp is available in 2 summer colours: coral and green. The lamp’s lacquered glass body enhances its pleated relief for a feminine and glamourous finish.

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Product benefit
A fragrance diffuser which both decorates and gets rid of bad smells. *
Expert tip
Give a summery touch to your decoration with Lampe Berger Plissée and the new Extreme Orange home fragrance for a vibrant and zesty atmosphere.

Lamp sold in a boxed set with accessories: wick-burner, ball-shaped mounting, snuffer and funnel.

Material Glass
Capacity 295ml
Height 12,5cm
Top Shiny silver round mounting engraved with LAMPE BERGER PARIS
Color corail
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