Black Pearl 24K Gold Precious Day Cream 50ml


Treat yourself Exclusively with Black Pearl Gold 24K

The Dead Sea is known around the world for its healing properties, and our skin care products use only the finest of ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea region. Many people who use Botox and other wrinkle-reducing treatments prefer to use Black Pearl’s skin care products, because the results are incomparable to other topical lotions and injectables.

Enriched with the shimmering luxury of 24K gold, Precious Day Cream is fortified with Helioguard 365, an advanced algae-based complex that provides powerful daily skin protection against sun damage.
Nourishing and hydrating, the formula contains a boost of antioxidant-rich resveratrol, with calming activity that helps to smooth fine lines and creates a silky texture. Give the skin a youth-defining boost with the nutritive benefits of an anti-aging complex working in synergy to deliver vital restorative support. Luxuriously textured with the vibrancy of pure gold particles, the skin is left feeling soft and rejuvenated, with a gently luminous glow..

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