Honey-coloured Athéna Lamp


Height: 19cm – Volume: 280ml. Description: the brand has given its iconic model a new look, dressing it in bright, modern and timeless colours. With its criss-cross mounting inspired by earlier Lampe Berger models, the Athéna model takes on a vintage look without compromising on its elegance. Find out more: Product benefit: a diffuser in line with the times which purifies, decorates and perfumes. Expert tip: use the long burner for optimised diffusion of the fragrance. Lamp sold in a boxed set with accessories: wick-burner, ball-shaped mounting, snuffer and funnel.

Material Glass
Capacity 280ml
Height 19cm
Top Criss-cross mounting, patinated bronze finish engraved with LAMPE BERGER PARIS
Color honey
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81.00 €