Skin Relief Active cream for problematic skin 250 ml


Skin cream for problem skin that is extremely dry and red and for the skin that is extremely and unusually irritated. Effective on different sensitive skin type.
Main ingredients: Natural extracts from organic plants, grape seed oil, calendula, carrot oil, propolis, capsicum, dioscorea.
Skin relief cream is recommended for use by dermatologists as a reliever for irritated and reddish skin, by healing itching and desquamation. Skin relief cream contains solely natural components and is produced of the special extract of organic medicinal herbs and the Dead Sea minerals that have been known for their efficiency in skin health and vitality thousands of years ago.

Directions for use:

Spread 2-3 times a day as a uniform thin layer on the desired areas of clean and washed skin (if necessary, spread additionally)

problematic skin treatment
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