Safety Razor Ebony


Safety razor, chromed, handle imitation ebony, 5 blades Derby

The secret of shaving English

First of all, take your time! On good hydration to the rhythm of the blade on his skin, that is what will give to your shaving that perfection.
But to achieve exceptional results, we also know some subtleties.

The experts, advise to proceed to shave after a hot shower and before breakfast because chewing promotes blood flow to the face, increasing the risk of irritation.

Prefer a shaving soap, it provides a perfect dosage and is less aggressive to the skin (excessive foam reduces the quality of the shave and reduces the life of your razor blades).
Then, use a badger, because it allows to perfectly distribute and rub the foam on the skin. Apply there by circular movements, these movements have a descaling action and straighten the hair for an ultra efficient shave.

Mastered the technically perfect “gentleman” will allow you to shave with dexterity.

Legend tells that the kings put their trust only to one man in their kingdom, their barber!

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