Cube scented bouquet - Ocean Breeze


The Cube Scented Bouquet is one of the ways to diffuse Parfum Berger Scented Bouquet Fragrance.

A heavy glass cube, the silver deep ring at the neck is decorative in addition to having a high quality seal.
The cube is ready filled with the fragrance of your choice.
8 highly engineered Polymer sticks of 21cm in length.

The Polymer sticks are NOT reeds, they give optimal and even diffusion of the fragrance and do not discolour the solution. Reeds are 21cm in length. Diffusion time varies dependant on position, a smaller room with less air circulation or open windows etc will last longer than constant air movement around the sticks. Approximately 6 weeks of use on average – with up to 10 weeks in ideal situations. The cube can be refilled 2-3 times using the same polymer sticks before replacment of the sticks is necessary. If the area around your Cube Scented Bouquet is a very dusty area or has cooking residue around – steam/grease, then the sticks would need to be replaced sooner. The refill Scented Bouquet Fragrance in 200ml is available seperately as are the replacement Polymer sticks. Fragrance is devoloped in France by master perfumers.

SKU 6000
Barcode 3127290060006
Manufacturer Parfum Berger
Color Clear
Material Glass
Height 22cm
Included Cube with Fragrance, Polymer Sticks, Presentation Box

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