Kashmir Musk Eau de Parfum 100ml

Top Notes
Top Notes

Γαλλικό ροζ πιπερι, γαλλικό άρκευθος, λίτσι, πράσινα φύλλα

Heart Notes
Heart Notes

Γαλλικός νάρκισσος, τριαντάφυλλο, ρόδο, βιολέτα, γαλλικό elemi

Base Notes
Base Notes

Γαλλικό κυπαρίσσι, βενζόϊ, σανταλόξυλο, βανίλια, cashmeran

Billowing, Seductive and Silky

Inspired by the Arabic philosophy that musk is bathed in the aroma of its surroundings, Kashmir Musk embodies the scented trail from valleys and mountains to Middle Eastern souks. Accords of powdery English iris and exotic spices float on seductive wafts of grey musk, like sheer mists drifting through the night. The fragrance journey culminates in rich and creamy sandalwood overlaid with a woody tone to ensure a lasting power on the skin.

A seductive soft floral scent blended with a powdery base, soft musk and woody notes
A gentle scent suitable for day or evening with a powdery softness
Luxurious Eau de Parfum
Comes in a beautiful presentation box

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