Tawas Deodorant 60G STICK STONE 100% Natural


The Alum is an excellent natural deodorant due to its dual effect:
- It has a “bacteriostatic”, ie it inhibits the proliferation of skin bacteria responsible for fermentation and odors.
- It tones the skin and tightens pores, which protects you from excessive sweating

It is a natural deodorant that provides full protection 24H by its dual action: It inhibits the bacteria that cause bad odors and limits the sweating, without blocking it completely.

Thanks to its presentation stick in a holster, very hygienic, you will take it with you everywhere.

This beautiful Alum is from a pure and crystalline rock.
This is the best quality. Durability and aesthetics.

The Alepia Alum stone is from Syria, 100% natural

Our alum stone, without chlorohydrate aluminium, has a lot of properties

- The Alum inhibits the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad smells.
- The stone alum reduced the sweating
- tones the skin and tightens pores
- excellent healing of minor cuts or injuries (shaving)
Alum stone is also used to treat acne, dry mouth ulcers, soothe insect bites, slow hair growth, giving effect to the skin and tighten the inner mucosa.

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