Scrub paste petipo de patapo


Petipo de patapo

This scrub paste is made from bran maize and comes in 600 ml or 450 ml quantities.
It is ideal for the exfoliation of the face and body and does not irritate the skin. Our scrub paste can be very effective in preventing acne. It deeply cleans the pores of the face and nose and removes dead skin cells, reduces harmful micro-organisms and prevents the build up of sebum, the bodily substance that causes spots. Also, the blood circulation to your skin tissue will be revitalised and oxygenated thereby removing toxins. You skin will feel soft, smooth and refreshed and acne suffers will notice the difference within days! The process of cleaning and exfoliation will also prepare the skin for cellulite massage.

This scrub paste is made from non-GMO corn and no animal testing has been involved in its production. In 2006, Petipo de Patapo won the Pioneer Award in the county of ‘Landais’ in France and came second in the county of ‘Aquitaine’ in a contest run by the ‘Chambre des Metiers’ (Association of Traditional Professions).

The scrub paste can be used quickly and easily. Simply rub a small amount of the product onto wet face and body in a gentle circular motion and then rinse with water. You skin will immediately feel soft and pure. The duration and intensity of scrubbing depends on the needs and sensitivity of the skin.

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