Donkey Milk Body Shower & Shampoo Cream


Donkey Milk Bath/Shower/Shampoo Cream

Our donkey milk bath cream is a unique product that closely resembles the donkey milk mixture that was used by the ancient Egyptians to perfume and soften their baths. The cream will transform your bathing into a pleasant and indulging experience and will cleanse, refresh, smoothen and nourish the skin.
A small amount of cream inside your bath will caress your skin and leave it feeling soft and silky with an amazing lustre and freshness. The cream can also be used in the shower as a shower gel or even as a shampoo. The results will amaze you!
As with many of our other products, our bath cream is suitable for people with irritable and sensitive skin and for babies and children. It has also been shown to have positive results in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

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